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During the last full moon ritual that I took part in, there were a couple of folks that I did not know well.  One of them brought an uninvited “guest” with them.  She had/has a parasitic entity attached to her, which my friend and I happened to see, independently.  Later, we compared stories and found that we had seen the same thing… but that is a different part of the story I am now telling…..

In the course of dealing with this entity, my sister encountered it in between waking and sleep.  It contacted her and she learned a bit about it. As a result of her encounter, I wondered if I might find out something about it myself.  After all, we were all in close proximity of it.

To do this, I sat down to meditate, as I communicate with the “other world” via meditation and my dreams most often.  As I meditated, I meant to make contact with it, and I think I started to. However, someone else answered my “inquiry.”

A very male presence came to me, whistling.  I kept hearing him whistle, all around the room that I was meditating in.  It was only for a little while, and when I came out of my meditation, he was gone.

Today, however, he came back.  When I got home from dropping off my wee ones, I sat down to work.  Shortly after I began my day’s tasks, I heard the whistling again.  At first I did not equate the two incidents.  In fact, I tried to ignore the whole thing.  I had work to do, I did not need distractions.  It wasn’t until the computer in the other room started playing on the internet, unprompted (I was alone in the house), that I began to get the point.  I realized then that there was someone there trying to contact me.

When I finally got the point, I told the spirit aloud that I would meditate tonight and try to figure out what message he might have for me.  I hope that I am able to understand, because I certainly didn’t have much luck earlier in the day.  We shall see…. I may have to ask for more assistance.