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I learned a number of new things yesterday.  It all started with a conversation with my Sisters.  We had come together for our bi-weekly discussion group.  As our conversation topics twisted and turned, we revisited the topic of my “ability” to jack up cell phones and watches just by having them close to my person.  This topic of conversation has been most recently visited due to the fact that I have had 4 different phones in the space of a couple of months.

When I got home, I decided to use the internet to explore this subject.  What I found is that this is not an entirely heard of phenomenon.  In many ways, this is comforting, to know that I am not delusional.  I now know that there are many folk that are unable to wear watches, or ruin other such electronic equipment.  It turns out that this can also explain other odd occurrences in my world.  People like myself are often called SLIders, which stands for Street Lamp Interference.  This is because when we walk under streetlights they are often effected and turn off, which I can fully relate to.  SLIders also are known to blow out the headlamps on their vehicles, which is terribly strange as it has baffled my SO for a time that our headlights keep going out.  He will replace one, then another will go out….. Odd…..

An article that I happened upon said that SLIders can be Indigo Children.  This was another topic that we touched upon briefly in our discussion group.  I had gone to a market about a year ago with my youngest son.  While wandering through, I stopped at a booth and had a casual conversation with a woman. She told me that my baby and I are Indigo People.  As she was a hippy dippy sort (not a fan), I didn’t really consider the information, but went on my merry way after perusing her goods. Last night, however, I remembered that and decided to research Indigo Children.

In my searches I found a checklist of 25 characteristics that indicate one is an Indigo.  Each one I am, all 25.  I guess this makes me an Indigo Child… but what does that even mean?  According to several sources, Indigo Children are merely children whose auras are Indigo from birth. After reading many sources, I think I may have a bit of understanding about “What is and Indigo Child?”

All the world and all life is connected. Right now, this circle of life is out of balance, and every living being on this planet is aware of that.  Our world is polluted and humans are ravaging every natural resource, to the point of extinction.  We are paving every square inch of our land and destroying the life present there.  I believe that the natural response to a planet and people in distress is, in part, the Indigo Person.  As the body releases antibodies when confronted with a disease, perhaps We are those antibodies, meant to help in setting right the planet and ridd the world of its “disease.”   What do you think?