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I have an academic mind.  It is the pursuit of knowledge that excites and thrills me.  I believe that our universe and all of the information in her are like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle, we need only put them all into place.  To use another hokey metaphor, all knowledge is part of a giant web.  Everything is connected and leads the seeker to another point within it.  There are a number of seekers within this worlds history that desire to put that last puzzle piece into place, that desire to know the whole of the interconnected web strings.  I am one such person.

Often I have been driven to short periods of madness as the whole spectrum of the knowledge I long to acquire is laid out before me, painting a rather daunting picture.  Still few times I am able to tap into the boundless, experiencing the indescribable.  I have asked myself countless times if it would be an easier path to strive for less, and of course, the answer is yes.  However, I have vowed to myself that that I will never be Content. It is my journey to strive toward Knowing.

As those who know me are aware, I am a perpetual student.  I thrive in the rigorous environs of the academic world. Deadlines do not bother me, and learning many new things all at once works well for me.  That is why I spent almost 7 years pursuing my undergrad degree, and graduated one semester shy of receiving almost as my majors. I would have stayed to finish my last couple of majors, but it seems there is a cap on the amount of financial aid available to one person….

As I stand now, on unfamiliar ground, terrain I have forgotten how to navigate through, I know there is information out there that I must continue to seek, but I have been curious as to where the next bend in the road will take me.  I believe at this juncture, I have found that “bend,” and now have a purpose and goal for this stretch of road.  I have an area of study and it encompasses all of the various avenues that I have traveled down.  I am thoroughly overjoyed to embark upon this quest, and more excited still to write about my travels.

On Samhain, the Witchs’ New Year, I shall formally dedicate myself to this task in the year that is coming, or for as long as it shall take.