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In my quest to further understand and take in the runes I am doing a number of exercises:

First of all, I am working on only two runes at a time, as per the Diana Paxson book. I alternated between the two runes daily.  One day I will chant and meditate on that rune from morn thru dreamtime.  The next day, I work with the other.

My partner and I will do guided meditations about the runes taken from the Gundarsson book – Teutonic Magick.

I will be making my own set of runes by burning them onto wood rounds, blooding them, and applying a natural protective coat of linseed oil.

I am also working on a Kabbalistic correspondence of the runes to their placement on paths of the Tree of Life.

And, I shall read the Havamal and various Rune Poems, making thorough notes of rune spirits and their correspondences.

In these various ways I shall increase my knowledge and understanding of the Runes.