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My grandmother passed away only couple of days ago.Thankfully, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with her before she left.  GMa was dying of lung cancer, not suprising as she smoked heavily from the age of 14, but still, it was a gruesome and painful way to go.

I stayed at the hospice with my Grandmother and participated in her care as much as I was able. During that time I wanted confirmation that her suffering was going to end soon. It pained me to see her in constant, unmanageable pain.  I had heard of many terminally ill people who see angels and/or loved ones shortly before passing. This, to me, is confirmation of a peaceful journey after the body dies.

The last night I was in my Grandmother’s presence, I sought confirmation of a safe journey for her. I am sensitive and aware, but I often discount my awareness and explain it away. However, I cannot explain away my conversation that night. I spoke with my Grandmother’s son George – my Uncle.

I have never met George.  He was murdered by a transient before I found this branch of my family tree.  That night, though, he came to my bedside and told me not to worry.  He said that he would personally see to it that my Grandmother made the journey safely.  He would escort her, and would be there waiting for her to the end.

My Gma, who up to this point in my visit with her had not had the strength to sit up in bed, got up and walked across the room and sat upon the bed upon which I was laying.  I know not where she got the strength, maybe from George, but she came over and told me she loved me.