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Recently, I joined a Women’s Shamanism group.  They have had a few meetups since my membership, but I have yet to actually attend.  It is not that I am hesitant, not in the least.  However, with three wee ones and an SO to care for, I have to pick and choose wisely my activities out of the home.

This past week, I received notification that there is a circle planned for this coming Friday (11/11/11 – a powerful day indeed!).  This particular circle is for the purposes of “Healing Ancestral Burdens.”  I know not what burdens may be lurking among the branches of my family tree, but I do see the need for such healing, so I considered that this workshop could very well be my formal introduction to this group of Wise Women.

As is my practice, when deciding upon an action such as this, I consult one of my oracles – runes or tarot.  A couple of months ago I purchased the Shadowscapes Tarot, and have been nothing but pleased with it.  The interpretations of the cards, along with the depth of the artist’s work are utterly amazing.  They resonate deeply. For this reason, I did a 3 card spread to see what I might gain from attending and participating the Shaman circle.  Here is what I drew…..

1) That which represents my current space in lifeSix of Swords….. I am dealing with a bit of grief at the passing of my Grandmother.  I grieve for the loss of a future with her, because I was robbed of much of a past.

2) The card which represents who I will be/where I will be if I go to this circleThe Fool…… This does not mean that I am foolish for attending.  In this deck, the Fool is only just the Beginning, Ground Zero, if you will.  The artwork is of a woman on a precipice looking out into the world.  Will she venture forth with wings like the birds around her, or will she fall from great heights?  I am going to this group for the first time, communing with women I have never met, but who are like minded.  I am at Ground Zero in this relationship.

3) The card that represents the outcome of this journey, should I choose to take it onTen of Pentacles……This card represents “the ultimate in worldly success.”  Depicted on the face of it is a priestess entangled lovingly in the tail of her dragon companion.  She holds in her hand a seed, the beginning of life.  All around her is intricate stained glass.  From this I draw that any barriers that I have placed before myself, or that have been placed as a result of ancestral burdens, will no longer be there to hinder my success.  My path will be clearer, and I will be that much closer to achieving the goals I have set for myself. This class is likely a catalyst for positive change.

I did this reading in the opposite, with a different deck of cards (The Mystic Faerie Tarot), asking what the outcome would be if I chose not to attend and participate.  Though I did not record the cards that I chose, trust me when I say that all three pointed me in the direction of going.  So, go I shall, and I will record the outcome here…..