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Today is a time for shaking off the old burdens and habits, a time for asking the questions whose answers were previously unclear…….That is what I was told in this morning’s tarot meditation.  Tarot meditation is something I do almost every day, ritually.  Today was, however, rather different. For one, I did a three card spread, instead of just choosing one card.  I felt this was necessary in light of certain events that have occurred recently.

After doing my brief reading, I journeyed on my day as usual.  I did my yoga, then settled down to do meditation.  I have been reading a book titled Kabbalah and Meditationby Aryeh Kaplan. This particular book is amazing.  I am only about 3 chapters in, but I have learned so much already and am excited about that journey.  As such, I decided to chant YHVH while doing my usual chakra meditation.

Often, when I meditate, I journey with my spirit guides. Today, however, I focused on the Middle Pillar exercise, charging all of my chakras top-down.  Normally, when I do this, I take some time to fully experience each chakra and fill it full of light.  This meditation was different in that I did not have to focus on them, they filled up like water and flowed over rapidly into the next until they were all vibrating.

After filling my chakras, I focused on the name of G-D.  I repeated over and over the names of the letters that comprise God’s name.  I cannot describe this feeling, or anything I saw or experienced, but it was beautiful and rich.  I wanted to stay in meditation much longer than I did, but alas…. work, the mundane, calls…..