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I have never studied draconian magick before.  Oh, well, of course there was that one time….. but I had never really studied it before.  However, as my dreams have recently been telling me that this is the time for doing so, I have begun in earnest.

Recently I ran across a book about Norse Draconian Magick.  I was terribly excited by this, as it falls in line with my current studies and dedication to the Norse Gods.  Having only gotten about 1/3 of the way through the studies, you can take my criticisms as you will, but I am not certain that I completely jive with this fellow’s ideas.  He is definitely very educated on the subject, but he is a dude, writing from that perspective.  We women approach the world and the creatures within it in an entirely different manner.

The author of the book identifies two primary Norse deities that are associated with this form of magick.  They are Odin and Freyja.  Having worked very closely with Freya, and really feeling tied to her in particular, I feel that my understanding of her is different than his.  I do not attribute that to error, but more just the difference between male and female understanding, approach, etc.

I have not given up on this book; it is chock full of useful and well thought out information.  The author is definitely well practiced also.  I will continue to follow this path, but I shall trust my own intuition and look to my teacher, Freyja, to fill in where I see blanks.