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Meditation for me lately has been super powerful.  My coven sister, Corvidae, led a rune meditation on Saturday.  This was on both the runes Uruz and Fehu (see Paxson’s book Taking Up the Runes).  In the middle of the meditation, you are told to take a look at the things that are holding you back from gaining prosperity.  What I saw when I looked at this was a woman, who very much resembled my mother, handing a child (that definitely was not me) a gift.  At that point, I was terribly confused.  As I had done a ritual for prosperity the day before, I felt that prosperity must already given to me, and that there were no obstacles standing in my way.

I got home that afternoon from Miss Corvidae’s house and decided to pick a rune from my set, at random.  Of course you can guess which rune it was that I chose. That’s right – Gebo, meaning Gift.  I began to think that there might be more to this vision that what initially came to mind.  Still unsure, I decided to sit on the information for a couple of days.

This morning, I sat down in my darkened room and decided to meditate.  I wanted to journey with my spirit guides. I had no set purpose for this meditation, only to learn and see.  When I got to one of my sacred spaces, I was sitting in the middle of my grassy field near my favorite weeping willow.  Beside me was one of my totems, a frog.  I looked at him and wondered what he was doing there, what he might have to teach me.  At that moment he went off and plunged into the water.  Not hesitating, I did that same.  I swam over to the waterfall that is just up the stream, luxuriating in the feel of the water.

I enjoyed the space for a time, then Sitting Eagle came and visited me.  As I got out of the water, he gave me dry garments to wear. (It always amuses me that my guides dress me in animals skins, give me fur robes, etc. because being a strict vegetarian, it is not clothing I would choose for myself.)  He then began walking with me.

I asked my guide to tell me what was going on in my meditation, what did “gift” mean to my prosperity.  He told me that I needed to use my gifts, gifts that had been handed down for generations.  “What gifts are those?” I asked.  He did not answer me but told me to count my prosperity and riches in more than the material world.  I then told him that I was doing that, or trying to, and that I was doing my best to follow my spiritual path and grow in wisdom. I then asked if I was on the right track.  His response was not a no, but he didn’t say ‘yes’ either…….

So, now I am left to figure out what gifts I have been suppressing and ignoring that have been handed down for generations……