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There are blossoms on the “tree” I planted a few days ago during the full moon. My sister, Corvidae, and I did a working that concerned our own creativity.  It was definitely a working of great value to both of us.

It has been a couple of days since we did the ritual, and I have only just sat down in a space where I could relax and “listen.”  Well, that is not entirely true, I have spent the weekend doing some very deep, personal growth work.  That was where my concentration was focused.  However, now I am sitting at my computer, able to take in other matters.

While sitting today, a spirit made its presence known beside me.  She carried with her a message.  I was told to put aside my material concerns, and to look deeper into matters of a spiritual nature.  That is where my attentions should be focused.  In addition, I would be receiving assistance from an unexpected source, as well as from my ancestors/guides……


Truly enjoying this very exciting life I live.