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Last night, I had a dream.  This occurrence is common of most of my nights, but I find last night’s dream to be very significant.  It truly speaks to me….

Last night I entered the same cave that I wrote about just a short while back, the one with celestite walls.  This time I entered as my human self.  I walked into the cave, stirring up all sorts of living beings as I moved.  Once I walked far enough, the Ibis was there.  I stood and watched her for a while, before venturing on.

As I walked, the cave went from relatively dark to light, with the light filtering beautifully through the celestite, casting a pale blue color throughout the cave.  I walked up to the water that trickled across the floor of the cave and lifted handfuls to my mouth and sipped the cool, refreshing water.

I looked up to see a large tree before me.  The tree was not dead, but was definitely in a mode of dormancy.  I kept looking at the tree, wishing it would bloom, and be vibrant…. but here is where it gets tricky.  I am a very lucid dreamer, and I am unsure how much of the last parts I “influenced,” and how much I actually let play out…..

I began looking at the tree, and saw a few small buds on the branches.  Then it became a tree full of life, color, and fruit – something akin to a peach.  I climbed the tree to get at the fruit.  As I tasted it, it was so juicy and sweet.  I savored a few bites, then looked around to realize *I* had become the tree.

Would you believe, I know what this all means?