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Today I went to a magickally inclined shop. While there I received an overload of energy.  I am not certain if the amount of energy that I took in was way too much, or if it was just not all good energy.  For most of the day I felt high and slowly began feeling achy all over.  My kidneys especially began hurting.  None of it really made much sense to me, but I felt the need to lay down.

Expecting to relax, I just laid down for a moment and was immediately drawn into a deep trance or vision. I was laying down beside my daughter as she played, but her presence was not noticed by me during this time.  Snow Dragon Lady came to me, she spoke to me directly for the first time. Her words were exactly this: “You have been shapeshifting for longer than you remember.  Then she started introducing several people to me.  I don’t recall all of their names, but the last one Wolfen Spirit Warrior.