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I have worked with Freyja for a long time. I was initially drawn to the Norse pantheon when I began my witchery almost 20 years ago.  Though I was drawn to the Norse, I was perhaps a bit hesitant to work with Odin. It is apparent that he is not a god to be taken lightly.  In the mythology, it is plain that he always gets what he wants, and is willing to go to any lengths to make that statement correct.  Perhaps I was intimidated by him, I cannot say for sure.
Anyway, as I have dedicated myself to the Norse for a year and a day, I have not taken this on lightly.  I have jumped in and am fully immersed in Nordic magick study and practice.  This means that I have begun working with Odin himself.
Odin is a powerful god, and I am glad that I waited to really work with him.  I feel that only now am I at the proper place to truly know him.  Each time I have evoked him I have felt his power throughout my body. Most recently, I asked of him a gift.
According to Nordic tradition, a gift must never go unreciprocated. I asked Odin’s assistance in a working, and in return, I promised a gift to him.  As part of my working, I made a particular bind rune to symbolize the request and desired effect.  My end of the bargain was yesterday, unfulfilled.  During this interim, the wood round onto which I burnt the runes began bowing in upon itself. I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  I blamed it on humidity.  However, I began to fulfill on my end of the bargain today, and now the round is flat again.
Coincidence?  I think not….