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Last night was the night that Our Coven met to celebrate Yule, or Winter Solstice.  In the chaos of the holidays, we were unable to plan our ritual.  We considered just ‘winging’ it, but it proved to be better that we didn’t, what with kids and chores and such.  We did, however, get to enjoy each others’ company, a treat we had not indulged in for close to two months.  One of us has been absent each time we have met recently…….

It was great to have very personal and insightful conversations again.  There are those few people in one’s life that you feel you can open up and share anything with, my Covenmates are that for me. We exchanged stories of our happenings, as well as exchanging the most carefully thought out gifts.  It was truly a blessing to spend time with these extraordinary women.  Winter has come, a time for drawing deeper in, and I and my dear friends are ready to support one another in that.  I am blessed.