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Ya know how there are some things that happen to you that in hind sight you can see all the pieces of that particular puzzle, and you are like, “Duh!”  Well, there is a particular puzzle that I have been attempting to put together, and have only recently been able to understand the picture.

Since I was a child, I have had “energy issues.” I made a full on post about this here. In addition to the findings that I discussed here (i.e, SlIders and Indigo children), I believe I may have new information about my own case.

Last night, I walked by the refrigerator, and reached up to grab something on top of it.  I lightly brushed against it, only to be shocked horribly by it. This was not just a simple shock, but enough to actually hurt for about 10 minutes!  Distraught at this horrible occurrence, I asked my SO to “test” it. He touched all over the dang thing, and no reaction!  Baffling….

Mulling this incident over in my mind, I remember that there are multiple items that seem to shock me, but have never shocked another person, to my knowledge.  My washing machine is one culprit.  Another is a friend’s blender that seemed to vibrate with electrical current.  I told him to toss it because it was dangerous, but being the cheap bastard he is, he decided to just be careful with it.  He later informed me that I “must be crazy, that thing never shocked me!”

One might wonder if this is akin to static electricity, in effect.  I did consider this.  However, I have never really had much issue with that.  People I know complain about having too much static electricity, and not being able to touch such things as car doors.  This has never been a problem for me.

Taking this into account, and all the previous information, I have formulated a theory.  Perhaps people like myself have a way of conducting electricity.  Either that, or we are able to draw electricity from such appliances.  What are the possibilities I haven’t considered?  Could this be my Super Hero Secret Super Power?  You can call me Lady Electric!!