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I visited one of my favorite places a couple of days ago – Half Price Books.  Each year, after Christmas, they have a “20% Off Everything” sale.  The previous day a friend and I had done well at one of their locations, but hadn’t found specific items we were looking for.  As such, we made plans to visit another location the following day, which proved a good plan for we both found huge stacks of treasures we had been searching for.

But the greatest treasure – while I was working to thin out my pile, I met a most amazing individual….
I am a bibliophile.  I am obsessed with books and knowledge. If I see anyone engrossed in reading, I feel a strong urge to find out what it is they are engrossed in. More oft than not, I do ask.  So, when I sat next to the elderly Vietnamese gentleman, who for more than 20 minutes was fully entrenched in his reading, I could not help but ask him what had his attention.
The elderly gentleman turned out to be a GEM!  He sat down with me and talked for a good long while. While talking, I learned much from him. It seems he knew just what to tell me to spur on intense inner realizations and growth.

One never knows when or where…. but if we keep an ear to that inner voice, we can learn a great deal in a few short minutes…