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Today is the day that my coven is celebrating our Full Moon.  We are using the aspect of Cancer to accomplish great things together. Being a bit giddy about our undertaking, I went to bed to dream with intention; I asked for guidance for our ritual. Many things came to me, but alas, I cannot remember them all.  What I do remember is that we were meditating with Malachite in hand.

I have an amazing piece of malachite that I had not yet taken out of the box it was in when I purchased it.  I suppose it was waiting for the right time to appear.  Tonight is that time. Being a bit unfamiliar with all of its properties (my memory can truly fail me at times) I googled it, and found this:

This morning, upon awaking, I sent my sisters a heads up that they should bring their malachite to the circle.  Then I did all necessary tasks so that I could meditate peacefully.  In my meditation I used the malachite to clear all of my chakras, as it stated is a good use of the stone in the link that I shared in the above paragraph.  My observation of the experience is that the stone “sparkles.”  That is the only way that I can describe its energy. It sparkles like a Stephanie Meyer vampire! Wooo Whee!

In my short journey I asked only for a simple message, as I wanted clarification for some things I was feeling and sensing.  What I was given as a sign was simply a very large and beautiful bull Elk.