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I have a deck of tarot cards I very much enjoy, that is the Shadowscapes Tarot.  Recently it has been giving me the Star in a lot of my readings.  The Star is a good card, but the Shadowscapes I use daily, for sort of a take on the day and its possibilities.  I do not consider its symbols beyond the short term. When I want to do that, I look at my Ansata Deck.

The Ansata is Major Arcana only, and I really connect with that deck. For the longest, possibly 3 months now, it will only give me the Emperor as a card to signify me.  The Emperor is the sign of the Pathway from Tiferet to Chokmah on the Tree of Life.  This made perfect sense for me during that period.
Today, I grabbed the Ansata.  I fully expected to grab the Emperor.  Instead, I grabbed – yes, you guessed it, The Star.
It is a New Dawn, It is a New Day!