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I have a new spirit guide, or at least new to my consciousness.  I have taken advice that she has given me in a dream just before our coven’s Full Moon ritual recently.  That is the first time that she appeared to me.  She told me that for past life meditation, it is good to use malachite.

Today, during my morning meditation, she came to me again. Before I go further, a bit of backstory is necessary.  For about two years I have been on Implanon, an internal time released hormone birth control.  I decided to go without birth control altogether as a result of that awful stuff, and it has been almost 6 months and my body still does not feel ‘right.’

After the birth control, my body seemed as if it was starting to regulate.  However, this month I found myself 3 weeks late, and not sure what had caused the delay.  I felt all the signs and symptoms that I was about to begin bleeding, even feeling cramps.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t come, regardless of the telltale signs.

A different guide, not the one referred to earlier, told me that I was having blockage in my second chakra, the Sacral Chakra.  This was due to the years of birth control, and most recently the two years of Implanon.

This morn, in my meditation I went in with no goal but to center myself and relax before a long day of work. I went in fairly easily and met my new guide face-to-face.  She appeared to me as a gorgeous woman with long, thick, dark hair. She told me that I could heal my chakra imbalances with Pure Sound.

I am aware now that this is not new information. There are many people who have found the proper frequencies to accomplish this, and I am grateful.  I found wonderful resources on YouTube.  I sat and meditated while listening to one such, and in less than an hour, the blockage was gone.