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My coven sisters and I are on a journey.  Up until recently, that journey has been highly personal and separate for each us with us coming together each month to do a special ritual.  However, a path is being laid before the three of us that is no longer solitary. We are beginning to act as a Unified Force.

During our last ritual together, for the Wolf Moon, we met a spirit guide that is acting to guide our group.  She does not act as on individual’s guide, but as a guide for the three of us.  Also, the night before we met for this ritual, I met another guide that has only imparted information to me that is meant to aid the three of us.  The other two have not met her, …. yet, but I feel that it is only a matter of time before they do.

There have also been a couple of strange bits of synchronicity.  I am currently doing research for a book.  In doing it, I am reading a great deal of material and have ordered many books for this purpose. My most recent splurge was seven books about the Sacred Kabbalah that I found online for 99 cents each.  Though I chose them based on subject as well as price, they appear to be fully in line with the path being laid out for us.

On the evening of our ritual, we chanted a name of G-D that was given us by a friend of Serah, for a specific result and purpose. Just a couple days after this, I received one of the books I had ordered in the mail, The 72 Names of God, where this name had been taken from. I did not know this until I met with Serah a few days later and showed her some of the new books that I had gotten.  She picked up that particular one and said, “This is the book!  The one the mantra was taken from….”

Then, last night, she had a dream.  I had given her a crystal to match my own, It is clear quartz with the shape of the Star of David faceted into it. If you turn this side over, it is in a star shaped pyramid… for lack of a better explanation.  This configuration I have found to be very powerful.  I have used it to meditate and it was insanely intense, every time.

Anyway, she was given special information about a ritual that the three of us are to do together.  She gave me the bare bones explanation of the working, which was all that she could remember, and I gave her information about what I believed it could all mean.  Then I settled into my own research on topic of my book.  I had not completely forgotten what Serah had discussed with me, but I had put it aside to research later.  However, when I opened my most recently acquired book, I found that the very information she was describing was contained within the pages…..