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“It’s Our Time, down here……”
There is a powerful shift happening with my sisters and I.  I cannot help but feel it.  We are being spurred on in our growth intensely, especially since the three of us came together.  It is as if we have focused our energies in a profound manner, and have been noticed by powerful guides.
I recently started a Judaic meditation series which guides one in taking in the Ayn Sof and guiding it through the Sefirot into the Malkuth.  At the end of the series, your direct connection with “G-D” will be much closer, richer, and fuller. You will come to know your Higher Self much more completely.  It is strangely simple, but highly intense.
Each night I do this meditation, then I ask my guides to assist me in assimilating the information and to spur along my work through the night.  Needless to say, this has caused my sleep patterns to change, but I have also been given a certain amount of knowledge and guidance in my sleep beyond that which I am accustomed to receiving.  Last night I slept only four hours, but woke up because I *had* to write down all that I had been shown and told.  I am blessed…..