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I had an epiphany yesterday.  Recently I have been experiencing an accelerated learning, or spiritual growth spurt.  I am realizing a great many things about myself.  That is not quite right. I am confronting aspects of myself that are hindering my growth, and dealing with them as such, so that I can move on.

Anway, the epiphany came to me as I was preparing to take my daughter to her dance class that evening.  I do not like to be late; I am always early when going places. This day, my daughter was dilly dallying about, which I find very irritating when I am trying to get her to move along.

This is a constant that I find with both my partner and my children. I always get frustrated trying to get them ready and out the door, while they are always moving at what I consider a snail’s pace. As my daughter was climbing in the car, I started to examine this.

I believe that we all make choices about our lives.  We put ourselves in a position to learn a lesson, and if we try to run from it, it finds us anyway.  We choose to experience and take it is gently, or get hit over the head with it.  So, at that moment I asked myself, “What is the lesson here?  Why does this frustrate me so, and why am I surrounded by countless individuals who pay no mind to ‘getting there.” It hit me, and hard.

If you were to ask *any* of my friends, they would describe me as a proactive individual.  I get shit done.  I have always believed that in most cases we can manifest the outcome we desire by just doing it, making it happen. When I come to situations where I cannot make the outcome occur as I believe it should be, or even know that it should be, where I must wait, I become anxious.

At that moment I realized, that there are times I must have faith and let what needs to happen do just that…..

*** Fast Forward 15 minutes to Dance Class***

I get to dance class where my Sister Serah is.  She has brought with her the Ascended Masters cards that she recently purchased.  She hands them to me and instructs me to shuffle them, question in mind, and then pick one. I did.  The card I drew was Quan Yin, which tells the querent to “Let It Go.”