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So I have taken on a project. This project is the Pagan Blog Project where all participants are given a prompt each week.  Then, each Friday we post based on the prompt. (For more information click on the link in the sidebar, or on the button below.)  I am starting this week, but the project began 3 weeks ago.  As such, I shall post for the three I missed, in order to catch up.


The first prompt was “A.” In my own personal pagan story, A is for Aleister (Crowley).  Right after I graduated from high school I met a fabulous couple who was very involved with the OTO. They began my formal schooling in Magick.  (By ‘formal’ I mean that they actually taught me the most about the workings of Magick.    I had participated in ritual before, and done a great deal of study on my own, but I didn’t really begin to come into my own magickally until I met them.)

Shortly after meeting them, and before I was able to actual minerval, I moved.  I changed my mind about joining the OTO in the interim, being fiercely solitary by nature, but my exploration into Ceremonial Magick had only just begun.

Along the early years of my path, the Universe sent many teachers my way.  I cannot tell you how many people gave me this or that book, and many of them by Aleister, just gave them to me without provocation.

I am aware of a certain arrogance that Aleister possesses. I am also aware that he was not completely free with his knowledge.  Though this is not the approach that I take to Magick, in fact I believe that one should be humble and that knowledge is to be freely shared, yet I do respect the work that he has done.  I also still refer to his work as there is much to be learned as I grow and change in my practice.

I owe Aleister and his contemporaries a debt of gratitude for advancing Ceremonial Magick in such a way that myself and others can benefit and move forward with the Great Work.