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I have been struggling with whether or not to actually write this post.  It is not that the work I am doing is not valid, it is that I have been doubting the validity of my feelings.  Let me explain.

I am on a Shamanic Path.  I have amazing guides who have been teaching me and moving me forward. Most recently, they have been showing me the various layers I need to peel away in order to become fully realized on this path. The precipice is right in front of me, and as such, I am feeling a great deal of discomfort.

In our lives, feeling this discomfort and working through to the other side is what gives us the freedom and strength to follow our True Purpose and live the life we came here to live.  It allows us to follow our Higher Self, our Will.

So what is it I am struggling with? I am feeling lonely and sad. I understand that there is much to be learned here, and I am learning those lessons.  However, I am embarrassed to feel this way.  I have friends who would chastise me for this, because I am blessed with a husband and children that are amazing and wonderful.  However that does not change how I am feeling right now, and so I am embarrassed that I have been feeling this way recently.

Spiritually, I know where this feeling resides, and why it is here. I know the growth that is required of me, and I am willing to do the work.  In fact, I am doing the work, which is why it is surfacing in this manner. I have given myself permission to feel it, to be with it, and to come out on the other side of it where great rewards await me.

I thank my guides and ancestors for this acceleration in my growth.