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Since Samhain of this year, I have been wearing a Mjolnir pendant. To most everyone, this symbol is unrecognizable.  It is not often that folks even comment on it.  Those who do are, in my personal experience, Asatru.

It seems the grocery store is the place I encounter fellow Asatru most often.  We will pass one another in the produce or bread aisle, and the same story will play out. First, there is the initial look of shock, “You mean there are others?”  This is followed by a comment or nod that lets me know they recognize the symbol.  Once acknowledged, however, neither of us knows how to proceed, so we awkwardly go on about our business.

Samhain was just a handful of months ago, and I don’t wear Mjolnir everyday, but this has happened on a number of occasions.  I have hung out in large pagan circles for some many years and have not met a great many Heathens.  As such, I am becoming increasingly interested in Community.