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I have not journeyed for a few days.  I meditate every day, but journeys happen less often, as I must assimilate and deal with what I encounter in my journeys. This morning, however, I decided to do a journey.Tonight is the Dark Moon Esbat with the Women Shamanic Circle I attend.  I did a reading about the journey I had recently done for the homework, and it left me even more confused than the actual journey…. so I went in search of answers.

In my journey, I went directly to the centaur, which is a form my fetch takes. It is funny, I had been pulling Ehwaz in my daily rune reading, but had not connected this with the idea that I needed to connect with him, until just now.

Anyway, I ran up to him and immediately hugged him speaking out my confusion and my need for guidance.  He walked with me, never saying anything, but he did lead me again to the opening in the earth.  I walked down the stairs and came to the gate.  I expected to see the gatekeeper, but she was not there so I ventured forth.

I walked down the ridiculous number of stairs until I got to the beautiful creek within the cave.  I dove into the water and began swimming down the creek, until it came to a portion of the cave where there was only water and no area in which to surface.  I became a mermaid (weird, right?) and continued swimming and swirling about deep in the water.

Eventually, I came to an area where I was able to swim to the surface and breath.  I forgot my mermaid self and climbed up on the crystalline, glassy, jagged surface.  I climbed up, amazed that I was not cutting my feet (back to feet, yes) or legs on the terrain, but I did not. Then I walked up the jagged hill to a very small crack, which of course I climbed through.  When I got through it, it was as if I had entered into a room from some trap door.

Once in the room I looked around, it was empty, save for a woman sitting on a chair. She sat with quiet dignity as I surveyed my surroundings.  The room was made of wood and stone.  The floor was completely of wood, and the walls of both wood and stone.

When the Lady did speak she said, “We have been waiting for you.”  My first thought was, “But I didn’t know to come here…” However, at that moment two men ( who appeared out of nowhere) came and disrobed me and put a new dress on me along with a coronet.  Then the Lady spoke again, “You must go and lead the people. Go, speak to them” How is that for a grandiose vision?

“But what will I say?” asked I.

“You will know when you speak.”

Then a dragon appeared at my feet.  I have not met this particular dragon before, but I knew he was mine.  With him I was dismissed.  I knew not to speak anymore, but took my dragon and went.  He walked with me to the water, into the water (this time I sat upon his back as he swam through the water rather quickly), and them emerged in the cave.

I quickly jarred out of my journey when rays of sunlight shined upon my closed eyes, so brilliantly it invaded my inner world and broke the trance. **Note to Self: Don’t journey at sunrise, in front of an East facing window.

So, for now I shall do nothing with this vision except wait for further clarification.  Wait – could this be pertaining to my desire to become a high school teacher….?