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So, just one question: “Why do my guides always show me things in riddle and symbol?” So many of my dearest friends are given concrete, defined information.  I, on the other hand, have to dig and search and seek for the meaning.  Of course, this does make for highly personal and deeply challenging journeys…. but dammit, why do I have to work so hard for the information!

This is all coming up due to a journey I went on last night at the Women’s Shamanic Circle. This was to be a continuation of the homework we were assigned.  My homework, I believe, was continued in three parts

  1. Entering the Underworld, and making it as far as opening the gate
  2. Going into the underworld and discovering the landscape, familiarizing myself with it.
  3. Yesterday, I journeyed thru the underworld and coming up to be ordained in some unknown role; having the the coronet placed upon my head.

Having seen all of that, I was not really sure where I was to journey in order to further clarify the information I had previously been given. I decided to just show up and roll with it. Here is what happened~

I am in the woods, it is dark and the moon is lighting my path.  It is so beautiful. My owl is present and I am dancing through the trees.  I come to a familiar clearing, and my fetch joins me.  He leads me to a stairway into the clouds.  I excitedly begin climbing the stairs as I am certain that I am going to Valhalla.

I get to the doors of the great hall.  Before I enter I realize that I am apprehensive.  I am frightened by the prospect of standing before my gods, as if in judgement. Unable to pass up the opportunity, however, I walk inside.

Once in side I see myself.  I am a young girls of about 14 years old, and I am in chains.  There is a quiet dignity about me.  I observe the people about me who are making noises and throwing small twigs.  They are obviously not trying to hurt me, but the twigs are definitely being tossed toward me.

I stand tall as the lion is released.  He come straight to me, but I do not fear.  I grab his beautiful mane as he devours me.  It is his strength that I remember most.  All I feel is respect and love for the lion, I am not afraid or angry.

Moments after being devoured, I see this eye.  It is one single eye, and it is watching me. (I know some of you are thinking about Sauron, yeah, me too….) There was lightning currents pulsing through through the eye.  It was breathtaking and unnerving. I could do nothing but look into it as it pulsed before me.  There was nothing else.  This went on for quite some time.

Eventually, right before the call back, the scene did change. I was present in a dark place, unfamiliar, but there were about 7 or so butterflies flitting about in a bunch.

And that is it…. Nothing more…..

To, perhaps, shed some light… Prior to the circle, I grabbed a rune in anticipation of the journey.  The rune was Berkana

Then I grabbed two when I got home, as clarification of what the eye is to symbolize ~ Wunjo and Kenaz

Then I pulled a tarot card to signify myself in the journey ~ The Magician