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Last night our Coven celebrated Imbolc.  A bit early, I know, but as we are three busy Witches, it is sometimes hard to coordinate schedules.  In any case, it is the Observance that actually matters, even if it is at a slightly different day/time. Well, I am certain that our Ritual last evening actually mattered.

We cast our circle and invited Brigid to join us.  We then did all as planned, and it was lovely.  We blessed our seeds and all new adventures we plan to embark upon in the coming months.  I laid out a few items that I am truly excited about, but I think it is the prospect of tending my new seeds that has me the most excited at this moment.

My SO and I, along with our three children moved into our home only one year ago.  As an avid gardener, I immediately began tending the near half acre upon which I live.  Unfortunately, last year we experienced a severe drought.  Many of the plants that I had started did not make it through the summer.

It is my plan to get my seed in early enough that, even if we have another drought of this severity, the roots will have grown deep enough that they will have more of a chance to survive and, hopefully, thrive.

Last year I planted mainly herbs.  I shall add to those herbs that survived, but I also plan to  put many more ornamentals around my property.  I shall plant roses, passion vine, morning glories, moon vines, chocolate vine, maypops, jasmine, and other good smelling, sweet tasting, and lovely to look upon treats!  Don’t worry, I will post pictures…..