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My SO and I have a rather unconventional relationship.  We both come from very religious families, very Christian families. My father is still a pastor, and his mother a Matriarch in the Church.  However, the effects of such an upbringing were very different for both of us. He has a fear of Hell and is still searching for a way to understand all that he was taught.

I, on the other hand, got as far away from it as I could, and as quickly as I could.  It is only in recent years that I have come to understand that it is not the religion or its teachings that are so severely at fault for the pains its practitioners caused myself and countless others. Nonetheless, I am a proud Heathen and Shamanistic Seeker.

You might think that such a combination of beliefs and seeking would be awkward at times.  If so, you would definitely be correct.  My SO and I do have moments where we question each others’ beliefs and practices.  We both knew coming into this relationship, though, that we had these differences.

Recently, C (the SO) has been lost. He found out that he has an autoimmune disease and that has changed his life significantly.  He can no longer do many of the things that he used to be able to do.  Nor can he do the same sort of work that he was in for many years. Our family has had to make many adjustments as a result.

Knowing that C needed something new and healing in his life, I mentioned a particular Meetup that I had had my eye on, a Sound Healing Meetup.  I suggested that he go, not knowing if he would actually hear me.  Turns out, he did.

Last night he attended this Meetup.  He was profoundly effected by it.  In less than 24 hours he has opened up and spoken with me about my Shamanic work and considered things I was not sure I was going to be able to share with him. He is excited to get more involved with this group, and to explore ideas that are new to him. I am buzzing with excitement for him….