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Of course we all are doing The Craft, but what I am actually referring to is the verb ` Crafting.  As a witch, my creative side is exercised in all directions.  I am inspired to create. Below is a list of some of the ways in which I have been Craft-y.

  • I made wands for myself and my coven sisters from a willow tree that my father planted next to the home of my youth.
  • I have cut, sanded, wood burned, and treated a number of sets of runes, as well as making my own Valknut for my altar
  • Currently I am working on an embroidery design for my altar cloth
  • I exercise my writing when preparing for a ritual.  I write my own Corner Calls and whatever else I feel needs preparing in advance
  • My dreamwork and journeys reveal such lovely and amazing images to me.  I do my best to realize them in my art, be it digital or analog representations
  • I fashioned necklaces for myself and my sister which have our Coven’s totem on them

These are just a few of the ways that I craft in the Craft. I would love to hear about any projects you are been inspired to create for your Workings or otherwise.