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Today my coven sister, Corvidae, and I embarked upon a journey of classes through the moon phases.  These classes are held once a week with one for the Full, Waning, Waxing, and Dark Moons.  Tonight, of course, we discussed the Full Moon, with its various myths and lore, as well as the correspondences.

After covering all of the information, we got to make a special blend of oils for the Moon.  For this exercise she set out two carrier oils, almond and coconut. I went with the coconuts as she had explained to us that coconut oil is specifically associated with the Full Moon.

Next we were given the task of choosing a blend of any of the four various Full Moon oils that she presented for us; jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, and sweet orange.  I had it in my head that Jasmine and vanilla would be divine when coupled.  However, when I did try them together, they were a bit sweet for my liking.  My next choice was to couple the sandalwood and jasmine.  I found this to be just the right formula.

In addition, I added a few seeds of poppy as another correspondence, and because I work quite a bit with faeries. The scent, even now, is intoxicating to me.  I absolutely love it, and gave it the name Full Moon Fantasy, as it gives off an entirely dreamy fragrance.

Along with the class comes the Homework (to be honest, I love homework). The ongoing assignment for this class is to chart noteworthy happenings and how we feel each day.  This is in order to find the phase of the moon we feel most in tune with.  Now, I have been keeping a hand written magickal journal for a long, long while, and have only just recently started this blog as a means of sharing.  In the interest of sharing, as well as keeping it all in one place, I am going to log a short entry here every day, as a check in. So let this be Entry #1:

Today was a day where I “Got Shit Done.”  It could have had something to do with the chocolate and the Americano I started the day with, but I was a machine today.  I felt energetic and interested.  My thoughts were clear, and I accomplished a good bit. I also continued my pattern (for the last 2 days) of intensive cleaning. My house is looking fabulous!
Phase: Waxing 98% Full
Sign: Cancer

Now for the rest of the homework:  We are to make moon water and use it in a manner we have never used it before.  I have been making moon water since high school, but I have never drank it.  I usually use it in rituals, and most often for scrying.  With my Full Moon Moon Water I shall drink it. I will let you know about that afterward…..

The last bit of the homework is Moon Bathing.  Since our whole coven (consisting of three of us) is not able to meet Tuesday to Celebrate the Moon, Corvidae and I have decided to do our moon bathing on that day. That is another tale I shall tell in a future entry….