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I did something yesterday that I know better than be baited into.  I got involved in a facebook comment war. *sigh*  I, personally, know better than to let the insensitive and crass goings on of another get me riled up to the point I respond.  By getting involved, one risks irritation and disquiet, while knowing full well your words will not fall upon an open mind.

Even knowing all of this, I could not resist yesterday.  I am, by nature, a Knight.  I live by a code of Chivalry and Justice, and although I find it possible to shrug off such remarks aimed at me, I react differently when aimed at someone I feel the desire to protect (i.e. friends, family, defenseless, etc).  I ride in on my trusty steed to slay the dragon.

Yesterday one of my dearest friends was under attack. Being not weak, but very sensitive, she was hurt by the slander of another.  When I heard it in her voice, I reacted with my sword.

Chalk this one up to a learning experience…..