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I have been on the Shamanic Path for only a short time, but I have found that there is still so much to learn.  My guides keep telling in many, many ways to use my Ancestral Gifts, but they don’t elaborate on what those are. I do know that since my childhood I have been able to sense the presence of Spirits, and am painfully empathic (painful being exactly the word I meant to use here).

In my life, I have also always felt a call to be of service to a Greater Good.  As such, I have always been a very active volunteer in work I feel accomplishes that. I fight passionately for any cause that I believe in, regardless of popular opinion or how it may effect certain aspects of my own life.

Recently (we are talking in the past month) I have found that I have a particular talent in Channeling.  I actually really enjoy it.  I can speak for the dead and other spirits.  This is a gift I find I am passionate about, and I like being able to share information with those that need it, and helping them heal.

Healing the dead had not occurred to me as a need or practice. However, I have assisted in crossing over a soul, and isn’t that exactly what was done? Could healing work for me be not just with the living, but with the dead as well?