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I do not journey every morning, but today it seemed right.  I went to the journey with the intention of learning how to “open the channel,” if you will. As previously posted, I have taken to channeling, and have noticed how I clam up at times for fear of giving bad information.  I figured that I could get some assistance or insight on how to become more at ease with it.

As of late, Odin has been dominating my journeys and if he is not in them, one of his ravens are.  Though I do enjoy his company, I did not want this journey to be about him. In all honesty, I feel a need to put up healthy boundaries between he and I, but that is a conversation for a different post.

Normally, when I journey, I begin in beautiful woods, this time I began entangled in brambles.  It was as if an old and dying blackberry bush had caught hold of me.  I had to struggle my way through while having my hair and clothing ripped and torn. I did make it though and came to a clearing where I was met by my fetch.

I have not seen my fetch since Odin has dominated my journeys, so I was ever so happy to see him.  He appears to me as a centaur and I ran up and hugged him.  I expressed that I had missed him and he said that he wanted to take me somewhere.

We walked down a path that led to a lovely waterfall.  There he disrobed me and we got into the water. After a time he pointed at something and asked me why I had not taken it.  I looked over to find a pirate’s treasure. There was so much booty there, I was stunned!

“What am I to do with that?” I asked.  His only response was, “It is yours.”  We walked over to it and I expressed concern that I could not carry it, nor did I even see why to take it.  He told me to take it and somehow, and this I don’t really know how to explain, he transformed it (though not as one might envision a prestidigitator accomplishing this) put it inside me where I warmed and activated my heart chakra, then further transformed it into the lion that had devoured me in a previous journey.

This was all so stunning, but I didn’t really think about it at the time.  I was just happy to see that the lion had returned as I had only seen him on that one journey and wondered if he would appear again. The three of us began to journey back to the clearing.  I thanked them both and returned to the Here and the Now.