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Egypt has been a fascination of mine since my early years.  I have no idea why I have always been drawn there, but it likely has to do with past lives…. or so it would seem.

On my own I studied everything I could get my hands on. When I went to college, I centered a portion of my studies on Ancient Egypt and the Middle East.  I wrote extensive papers on burial customs, sought out and had conversations with my hero Salima Ikram, studied Hieroglyphics, and did an internship with a prominent archaeologist of that region.  All of that being said, in my work with the Egyptian Pantheon there are only a few that I have ever had a close relationship with.

This morning one of them that I had never worked with before contacted me.  I was going about my morning routine, and her voice rang LOUD and CLEAR ~ Nephthys.  At that point, a bit startled, I decided to sit and converse via meditation. It is sometimes easier for me to be clear  communicating in this manner.

During our conversation she told me many things. She said that I needed to represent her on my altar. (Currently Isis, Anubis, and Hathor are represented.  They are all closely related to her….. so definitely an oversight on my part.) She told me of work I must do for her and how it is important, why it is important. She showed me a man that I must free, and when I went to approach him,…. a loud BANG! shifted my attentions away and totally snapped me out of it.

We also had a lovely discussion about Free Will. She believes in it, but also knows the outcome, and so will not discuss future events with me, for fear of taking away that Free Will…… chew on that a while…….