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Dawn and Dusk are the times when the light and dark meet. These times are often called the ‘tween times, as they are be”tween” day and night. Thought to be magickal, they are when the veil that separates the worlds is at its thinnest. As such this is the ideal time for doing Faerie Magick.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun (associated with the god Ra) was sacred.  Not only did it nourish and feed the planet, but every night it would die at dusk, and be reborn the following morning at dawn ~ death and rebirth.

I have always been a fan of these times myself.  The waning and waxing of the two halves also thrills me as I watch the wheel of the year turn.  I recall one year when I aimed to meet the dawn and dusk the whole of the Gregorian Calendar.  That was before I had children, so I did miss a number of sunrises, but I managed to see almost every sunset.

One thing that I have learned over the course of my years, being in tune with these times, with the wax and wane of the day and night, is truly magickal. To go with the flow of energy, instead of against it, is like swimming downstream ~ it takes much less effort to get where you are going.