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Last night was the Women’s Shamanic Wisdom Circle that I attend regularly on Friday.  The community that I feel I am becoming part of is a beautiful, caring, and safe place.  I look forward to it every week so that I may relax and be with like minded, amazing and powerful women that inspire, challenge, and encourage me.

The energy last night was a bit different.  It felt smaller, somehow, as though we were so much more connected. I had considered that perhaps it was just that I was becoming more and more familiar with these spectacular women, and therefore more comfortable. I remarked on it afterward, and several other women said that they also felt our connections were stronger last night. This connection could even be seen in many of our journeys.

As part of the discussion last night, we spoke about energy and how it flows into us, hence the collage above.  I like to make representations of my dreams and journeys.  They help me to remember them, even if they are not quite like the experience.