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Yesterday I completed a full scale Garden Blessing as well as a blessing of the tools  and seeds I will be using in the soil. This year I shall expand my herbs and ornamentals, as well as putting in a fruit and vegetable garden.  I went mad yesterday buying herb seeds from http://www.alchemy-works.com/

Then I went through all the seeds/plants I have or expect to receive this month and planned to plant them according to my witchypoo calendar.

The First Quarter ~ best for planting annual, leafy plants, and plants that produce seeds outside the plant itself.  I shall be planting:

Dragonshead, elfwort, lemon balm, mugwort, woad, basil, quinoa, beetberry, arugula, black cumin, german chamomile, licorice, lemon bergamot, and angel trumpet

Second Quarter ~ best for planting annuals and plants whose seeds are inside the fruit, as well as climbing plants. I shall be planting:

Passion vine, moon vine, morning glory, maypop, chocolate vine, climbing nightshade, mimosa pudica, honeysuckle, climbing roses, and clematis

Third Quarter ~ best for planting perennials, bulbs, root plants, trees, and shrubs. I will be planting:

Wild bergamot, feverfew, grey sage, rue, columbine, witch’s broom, vervain, valerian, shasta daisies, two different echinaceas, Roman chamomile, dotted mint, wormwood, and ashwaganda.

Fourth Quarter ~ is best for clearing the garden of weeds and pests and not recommended for planting.  I have already done the clearing and weeding, as we just came out of the Fourth Quarter.

This year I am going to try something a little bit different, something a friend tried many years ago and had great success with. I shall plant a small garden for all of the “pests.”  I shall tell them that those are their plants and that I will tend and care for them as my own, yet they shall belong to the wee beasties.  However, if they venture into my space, I shall go “dalek” on them. Exterminate!

I will post about my veggie garden later……