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This morning began as any other, except that I woke up refreshed having slept a full night.  When I get up each morn I prepare three children for the day ahead.  This is not always a smooth and simple task, but being rested I was able to navigate through it with much ease this day.

When the wee ones leave for school and such, I begin my morning ritual.  I do my daily divination, which consists of pulling one or two runes and one or three cards form my fave tarot deck.  This sets the expectations for the day so I know what to work on.

Then I do some yoga.  Usually I go through various asanas, but today I did random poses that worked the areas I felt needed it most (a lot of inversions.) After the yoga, I meditate.  Today I sat on the yoga mat and it just didn’t feel right.  I decided to go and sit under a tree in my yard.

In my yard there are many trees, which is one of the main reasons that we chose this house over so many others.  I chose to sit under a large sycamore today.  While quieting my mind, I became very aware of the symphony of bird sounds.  There were so many that I could not distinguish them all, but one seemed to ring out louder than the rest.  Turns out, just over me was the nest of a dove.  I don’t know if she had babies yet, but she was definitely preparing for them at the very least.

As I did my meditation, the sounds of the birds became louder and louder. I decided to visualize myself as the tree, stretching my branches and taking in the view around me, watching it change over many decades.  I considered how many times she had housed new life, and what a privilege that was.  Then I realized, I am like the tree in small part.  I have grown and watched the landscape and world around me changing, though on a smaller scale.  I, too, have house and sheltered new life, having given birth to three wee bebes.

My meditation this morn was extremely restful and filled me with peace of mind.  I believe that while the weather in favorable (I do live in Texas) I will do my daily meditations out in the yard beneath one of the glorious trees.