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For my second ‘D’ post I have chosen to write about Dragons.  There are many reasons this is applicable.  First of all, this is the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese Zodiac.  According to the this system, Dragons are bringers of good fortune and are considered to be lucky.  They are mystical and revered creatures that are anything but bad.

I have worked with dragons for many lifetimes.  Earlier this year I met one of my earlier incarnations as a teacher.  I know, it sounds a bit odd, but doing shamanic workings, the fabric of time is not flat and linear. It is possible to see ones previous lives and incarnations.

In one of my journeys shortly after I dedicated myself to the Norse pantheon and began working with the runes in a more intense manner, I was visited by a woman that was speaking rune combinations to me.  She gave me so much information that I, sadly, was unable to remember after coming out of the journey.

Anyway, she has continued to visit me on occasion.  Often I have seen her working with her two power animals, a dragon and a caramel crow.  She is a very intense woman and a fabulous teacher.  I have been working with dragons since meeting her.

Not too long ago I completed the work within the book Aegishjalmur by Michael Kelly.  I did not fully appreciate his style of writing, nor did I agree with all that he wrote in it, but there are many valuable teachings and ideas in there.  I do certainly recommend it if you are interested in working with dragons.  Theirs is a unique and powerful energy.  The dedicated magician can benefit much from it.