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Recently there have been many twists and turns in my life.  Due to a recent diagnosis that my SO received, detailing to him that he has a chronic illness, our lives have changed dramatically. He is no longer able to work the same type of work he had been doing for 20 years.  As such, he is going back to school to follow his dream of being an animator (finally).

As a result of these changes, I have been put in the role of breadwinner.  I now work two jobs at nearly 60 hours a week.  All of this is from home, so I end up sitting in my rocking chair all day with a computer on my lap.  This has set me and my world out of balance, and a few days ago I was really feeling it. So I did what any self respecting Shaman-in-Training would do ~ I went to my spirit guides.

In journey my lion and Sitting Eagle (my ancestral father figure) came to me comforted me, as I was feeling discombobulated.  While with them, a deer ran into our space. I was told to chase it, so I did.  I ran after that deer believing it was going to deliver a message to me, and it did though not in so many words.  I was told I needed to run more.

Also, I was told that I need to play and dance more.  I have been a dancer all of my life, but in recent months I have not danced at all! Dance is one of the ways I deeply connect with Spirit.  My guides told me, “You chose the name Kachina (meaning Spirit Dancer) but you don’t dance….” Yup, I get it…..

So, today I am on my way to the gym, right after I finish tapping these keys. Then I shall come home and play with my kids and plants in the yard. Later this evening I am going to attend my first Trance Dance event with my dear, sweet Sera.  I have never been before, but used to live in a communal home where my roomies did it a few times and one of my dear friends is a Trance Dance teacher, so this has been a ridiculously long time coming.  I am thrilled! So begins a Renewal of my Spirit!