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In life we work with Energy every day.  We cannot help but encounter it, as it presses on us and is all around us.  We are made of energy and we can feel that energy as it cycles within us.

In Magick it is energy that we work with.  To bring into being the objectives of our rituals or spells, we call forth energy and raise our own energy to accomplish this.  By directing this energy, we call into being our desires.

Energy is another reason that I have kept my practice to myself.  Sure, I have been involved in group rituals and observances, but I have remained mainly solitary for most of my magickal life because I find that I do not feel free to open up and share energies with most people.  Magick is a deeply personal endeavor for me, and I do not choose to share it with those I am not deeply connected to.

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Also on the subject of energy, I have always been very sensitive to the energies of others, and I often have to shield myself to keep from feeling to intensely the shifting moods of those around me.  I am also aware of the energies of spirits; be they ghosts, angelic, or otherwise. What I have been working on recently is being able to “feel” out where/who they come from.

Not long ago I went to a Trance Dance event, during which we danced for the better part of an hour ….. blindfolded. While settling into Trance I was truly distracted by the many different energies that were around me.  I found that I kept feeling people ‘closing in’ on me. Eventually I was able to block them out, but it did take me a bit.

What I perceived afterward, and was confirmed by other attendees, was that there was a ghostly spirit in the building. I was not fully certain until I saw him as we sat in circle at the end.  Since then I have been practicing distinguishing the various energies that are present around me.  I try to be able to “feel” which come from whom.

What are ways that you experience or work with energy?