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My home has been affectionately titled “Orb Orchards” by a dear friend, and that name has stuck.  Now whenever we host any sort of soiree, I invite all attendees to join me at Orb Orchards. This year, our second in this home, the yard is getting a much need new “do.”

I cannot think of a time when I did not have my hands in the dirt, nurturing one plant or another.  My first 15 years or so were on a family farm where I tended my own garden patch.  Every year I submitted my best to the county fair, and won many ribbons.

Being an avid blogger, it seems odd that I would not have married two of my passions and begun a garden blog! I read them regularly, so why do I not have my own? At any rate, this is the perfect time to begin one.  It is Spring, my seeds are in the ground, and I am spending more and more time among the plants.

If any of you are interested in reading my garden updates (there will be lots of photos!!) you can find it here.