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I cannot recall a time in my life when I did not earnestly believe in and love faeries. It is only natural that I should work with them, and I have been doing so since I began to walk my magickal path.

Relationship with the fae are never dull.  They are active and often mischievous creatures. If one begins working with them, it is not feasible to just stop as they will take offense.

As with any relationship, fae frienships and alliances must be nurtured.  I find that when I forget to set out the wee cup of cream, or to share my fresh baked bread, the faeries will remind me.  Often this is done by hiding my magickal tools from me.  I will search and search only to find them in an extremely odd and unlikely place.

As we near the Spring Equinox, daylight begins to wax, all is coming alive, and the fae activity around my home has increased dramatically.  My Sister and I have discussed this at lenght.  We look forward to inviting them into our circle this coming holiday!