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Easter? ….

Yes, Easter.  Easter is another of the many Pagan holidays that was appropriated by the Christian Church as a means of making mass conversion an easier transition for former pagans.

Originally Easter was the time of the Saxon Goddess Eostre who is more commonly known as Ostara. The holiday of Ostara heralds the coming of Spring. This is the time when light begins to overtake the dark of night.

Easter Eggs are a tradition that has survived the passing of time.  Eggs being a sign of rebirth and the sign of new life in Spring, brightly colored eggs were given out to signify prosperity and good luck in the coming season.

The Easter Bunny is also a significant symbol of fertility and of Spring. This symbol is common to depictions of Eostre herself. As with rebirth, it stands to reason that the Christian Church would use this time to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus after the Crucifixion.

Think of these symbols this season as you pass the Seasonal Aisle in your local grocery store, or take the wee ones to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, or in whatever way you choose to usher in Spring.