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Last night was the full moon.  As part of my ritual, I sent out healing energy for two people I know that are terribly ill.  It is my desire to ease their suffering and speed up their recovery.

For myself, I did a working of a different kind.  I realize that I am afraid of failing at the one of the things I desire to do most.  My fear of failure has caused me to derail myself on the Road to Success (yes, I posted about this a bit earlier this week.) My guides have told me not to worry, and just DO.

In speaking about this with a Wise Crone that I know, she suggested that I meet my Muse.  She believes that if I forge a more intimate relationship with my muse, really get to know them, then I will have less fear. So, last night’s ritual I took her advice. I went to meet my Muse.

When I think of Muses, I think of lovely Roman-esque Goddesses in flowing white dress that the wind hits just right. I think of light emanating from their hair. I think a thousand different things, but not one is animal. Naturally, my Muse (at least for the time being) is a Winged Unicorn.

Upon meeting this Unicorn … with wings,  (or Pegasus with horn?) I asked it if it was my Muse.  He came to me and touched my head with his horn, sending waves of loving energy through me. That is when I knew. I asked him if I could come and visit, and he said yes. Then he told me to make a depiction of him in Oak, woodburning a likeness into Oak.