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The first step in overcoming your addiction is to admit you have an addiction:

I am addicted to Books and Tea.

When I first moved into my home I was so excited by a corner cabinet that I planned to make my “tea cabinet.”  It has multiple shelves for putting my various teapots upon, and a little door that holds two shelves upon which I have placed many of my tea boxes and canisters.

I have since outgrown that and bled over into the pantry.  First my teas occupied one shelf of that, but have recently multiplied into a second shelf of the pantry.  I have also begun making my own medicinal teas, which promises to overflow the second shelf if I am not careful.  I am not sure how curb this frenzy other than continuing my cycle of drinking 3 to 4 cups of tea per day, and NOT BUYING ANYMORE until it is back under control….. I think I shall also send friends little tea packages as a gesture of love…… Yes, that is a good plan.

I own more books than my one house can contain. They have bled over into what will one day become the cottage/library.  We are working to line the walls with bookshelves, my dream space!  It is our hope to finish that within the next couple of years. However, what good are books if they are not read.  I keep bringing them home quicker than I can devour them.

The plan: from now until I catch up with my reading, I shall only be allowed one book for every 5 that I read, instead of my usual read one, buy 5. That should get it under control right quick!