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The energy in my home, post lightning strike, has been very strange. Following that incident there have been a few interesting visitors, and I feel a distinct need to “re-up” the protective forces surrounding my home. I had a visitor the other night that clearly was trying to frighten me, and was working up all of its energy to do so.  It was easy to dispel, but irritating nonetheless. To know that it was even able to get in in the first place makes me angry.

Last night, also, I attempted to journey,  I have not had a proper journey in about a week and a half, and I had a couple of questions to ask.  I took last night as a time to focus on one of them. I lay down with my intention close at hand and went to meet with my spirit guides and teacher. The frequencies were off, and I got a bunch of discombobulated jumble!

What I attributed to being too tired to focus was perhaps a disturbance in the peace and comfort I am accustomed to in my home.  When I again tried to journey this morn, before work, I found that the messages were ominous and foreboding. I plan to fully dismiss  the imagery at this point, and not journey until I can fortify the forces.  Tonight will be that night!!