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This past month, from dark-to-dark of moon, I have been saying ‘good-bye’ to my beloved Grandmother.  My guides told me that I was still clinging to her, even though she has left this physical plane.  They told me that I needed to take some time and let her go.

Part of this healing was about my making an ancestral altar and getting to know those who came before me.  I have really been enjoying this journey, even though it has not been easy.  In learning about where/how my roots were planted, I have begun to understand myself more fully.

Only just a few short years ago I began researching my family’s history.  I was able to find and meet my mother’s biological mom before she passed, another Grandma. It was amazing and wonderful.  However, after accomplishing that very daunting task, I stopped the research.

What I have learned in the past month is that it is time to pick up that torch again.  I need to learn more about my family tree.  This time I will get even deeper into the Mystory, and the lives of those that came before.

Grandma, I love you and miss you, and I will never forget you. I know that though you have crossed over, you are only just blazing the trail of another road that I will someday walk. I know you still visit and are never truly gone, but I accept that you are on a new journey. XoXoX