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Last night my coven got together for our Spring Ritual.  We were celebrating Ostara, a bit late certainly, but it was the date that suited us best. As always, it was a fabulous time and we had a number of visitors.

As a coven we invited the faeries to come and play.  It is an active time of year for them, and we all love working with them, so that was a given.  Plus my property is rather “wild” in the sense of faery energy.  There are many creatures that wander though, and/or call this space home.

The energy started off rather sexual, at least for me, and there was much dancing and merriment. We three had our own dance partners that captured our attentions for a time. After a while, the energy for me changed. Sera sensed it immediately. She came over to me trying to get a read on it. It was the Morrigan. She would not communicate with anyone but me, and she desired my attention.

Morrigan’s energy is very different from other deities I have worked with, but she told me that she would like to work with me.  She told me she had many things to teach me.  I do not know her well, and I am uncertain as to how to begin, because just as I was about to inquire further, the energy completely changed.

What became present knocked us all for a loop.  All other energy that we were feeling, beings that we were frolicking with were suddenly gone and all that remained was this new, *very* large entity. We asked our coven spirit guide to gives us some information about this being, as none of us could tell who, or what, it was.  Our guide informed us that it was one of the Kami.

The Kami are nature spirits, or the forces of nature.  That is not exactly right, but I cannot really explain the Kami in a short paragraph.  I shall have to do an entire post on them in the future, which will be fun as it links to my studies in college.

Anyway, once we experienced and identified the spirit, it acknowledged us, and then receded a bit.  This allowed other energies to come in and play.  One in particular was a very small, very earthy being.  He came and sat on my lap.  We all kept trying to speak with him, but either he did not understand our communication or we were all just exhausted at that point. He kept touching my arm though, and sending fluttering bits of energy up it. It was lovely, but made me sad that I could not understand his communication.

I asked the spirit to come inside with me, and to speak to me in my dreams.  Unfortunately, I do not remember any dreams I may have had. I slept like a wee baby all through the night.  I suppose that today I will have to attempt contact again…..